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GM Estates asset management

Our talented team of property managers here at GM Estates uphold a strong level of professionalism and knowledge, so when it comes to managing your rental, rest assured that we obtain the same commitment for selling a multi-million dollar property to a simple studio.

We are committed to delivering the most effective and appropriate rental management plan, whether you’re a first time investor, multiple property owner, or you want to rent your family home, we have the experience and expertise to get the very best results.

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Let us manage your assets

By identifying a gap in the property management market with the need for more commercial servicing to help maximise investment potential, the team at GM Estates has integrated their knowledge and expertise built up over the last 10 years to offer a service which helps clients investment portfolios grow whilst managing assets to attract and retain the best tenants.

What is a real estate asset manager?

A real estate asset manager refers to somebody who helps manage the process of maximising the value and return of an investment property. The management includes finding the highest and most consistent sources of revenue, reducing expenditures whenever possible, and risk management to name a few.

What does a real estate asset manager do?

The role of a real estate asset manager predominantly consists of market research, data analysis, revenue forecasting, financial strategies and the overall function of the investment property.

How can a real estate asset manager help you?

A real estate asset manager can help you with maximising your property investments return, oversee and manage the general admin including contract negotiations, manage the cash flow for, liaise with leasing agents and oversee all communication with investors and clients and hire the most relevant personnel including property managers.